Therapeutic Art

I am beyond thrilled to combine my background in therapeutic recreation with my love of teaching art. Across a wide variety of life situations, art has proven to be a vehicle that:

  • enhances mood and perceived quality of life;
  • improves imagination, abstract thinking, fine motor skills, and socialization;
  • provides sensory stimulation and a safe environment to share ideas.

Every situation is unique, so if you are an artist or a care partner, let’s talk about how I might help art be a pleasant part of your life. Whether you’re looking for involvement with an IEP, simply want to gain more art experience, or anything in between, I look forward to working with you.

My ongoing experience with therapeutic art includes:

  • Memory Cafe at Famille. Memory Cafe is a social/recreational gathering of individuals living with memory loss and their care partners. Here they can engage with others to relax, relate, and share. Memory Cafe is free, but RSVP is requested for planning purposes.
  • Individual instruction. My individual students are passionate about their art and it is a pleasure to guide them.